The adhesion on the surface of roller can adsorb dust, foreign material and particles on the surface of a film or PCB.
Roller can use the Silicone suitable for each use.

Kind and features of Roller

1) Liquid Silicone(RTV) : It has the excellent taken-off, heatproof and a great work for removing dust. It will be classfied as three sorts of Silicone like topclass adhesion, middleclass adhesion, and bottomclass adhesion.

2) Adhesive Silicone : It is improved as more excellent acidproof and chemicalproof for acidproof than common Silicone. It is to be minized for transformation and property of substance.

3) adhesive Silicone : It is the adhesive Silicone given conductivity, and it can control for conductivity the generation of static electricity.